Summer Target Finds

Here are a group of simple projects done with our stencils and items I found in the Bullseye section in Target stores this summer.  You can easily adapt the ideas to any surface.

hello summer tray

The black chalked area was part of the board.  I added design both inside and outside of this area.

be happy

I used both a chicken wire stencil and a chicken wire mask to create the be hive look.  The board had the center bee etched in the surface to begin with.  I added the rest.  I added shading around the outside of the board.

market board

Used the new mason jar stencil and added simple flowers with a simple check border to create this fun board.  The words were etched in the board but you could stenciled words instead to get the same effect.

piggy market

The board was already dotted.  I added the pigs by repeating a stencil shape in alternate directions.  Shading and finishing with pen outlining and lettering complete the design.

cork BBQ

This type of design is easy peasy.  Lay the lettering stencil down and add checks along the edge and done deal.

Repeat these projects styles with all different themes and seasons.

Have fun!

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