A Little Look at My World

Here is a video that I shared with my online club last May.  Debbie Cole asked if I would share my video of my workplace and I thought I would share this one.  I think it gives a little bit more insite into what gives me inspiration.  I am obsessed with the “Disney” influence and like to share it.  You also get to see some of my workplace at the warehouse and in my home.  I know it doesn’t have as much to do about storage.  I work very simply and my office is simple also.  The photo above is next to my table in my studio at home.  Lots of Starbucks green iced tea is consumed in the creative process.

My workplace is not very often “all together” nice and neat.  There are piles of things around my workplace surrounding me.  It is a workplace that is in constant motion and constantly changing.  It’s me without a maid.

Bonus video  https://lauriespeltzcreativeclassroom.com/bonus-may-2016/


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