Camper Mania: You wanted it, here it is!

I have had several requests for the little camper pattern I did.  I did one pattern using my own shape in Pixelatted Palette and that is a pattern packet available on our website.

Click here to check it out.

This one was a project I did for a promo.  I used a stamp for the main image so I did not do a pattern since I couldn’t give you any artwork.  I updated  some of the info and you can do it as a FREE project.  Just add your own coloring of the camper.

Here is the project I did using some fun techniques.  I followed a process like this:

camper 1

I start with a fun background and then added my crackle stamp.  I started with a Snow White board.  The background was created with washes of Turquoise Blue, Lavender and Foliage Green.  Shade the edges with Soft Black and stamp the board using the crackle stamp out of the #ASCRS06 stamp set from Stampendous.  It is called Toxic but I can’t live without it.  I used Soft Black paint.

The stamps are available on our site:  click here to check them out


I used my trailer stamp from #CRP283 and created a pattern for myself by stamping onto transfer paper with ink.  I use Archival Ink from Ranger.

trailer stamp

I transfered the outline of the pattern onto the board.

camper 5

I then blocked out the area by dry brushing the area with Snow White paint.  You don’t have to be perfect.

camper 6

I then stamped the image with Archival Ink.

camper 4

Next I cleaned up the area around the camper by floating color around the image.  I used Soft Black.

camper 3

I used acrylic washes to paint the camper as you desire.  The ink will not run but try to stay in the lines.

camper 2

Shading and highlights finish it off.

trailer with shading

Added lettering some stars and dots to finish my “Happy Camper”

camper 1

Hope you have fun!


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