My New Favorite Technique

Hi Everyone!

Debbie Cole asked if we would share our favorite techniques on her Creative Innovations Facebook group.  As artists we constantly evolve in our craft.  We try new supplies, styles and techniques to try to stay current.  We all strive to bring something new to our followers.  Sometimes we try things and we are not impressed enough to try it again.  Other times we are hit with the WOW moment and you can’t wait to try it on every piece you do.  When I was doing my new book “Holiday Mix” I came across 2 of my new favorite things to do with stamps.  When you find two things at once you really get excited.

Holiday Mix_Cover (4)b copy

I have been using lots of stamps in my backgrounds and when I found out that Stampendous had a stamp that would create a crackled look, (WHHAAAT!!!!), I was all over it.  It is SKU#ASCRS06.

I used it on the pumpkins and hearts.  It was quick and easy I just basecoated and then stamped the crackle image over the background with Soft Black paint.  I use a cosmetic sponge to apply paint to my stamps.  You could use any color but I thought it made it look very realistic.  I will never crackle any other way again : )

My other fun stamp technique I worked with was to insert and an image into my background by whiting out the area first.  I then stamped over the area with the outline with ink and then added my detail/color with paints.  In the book this was done on the Halloween tag.

Shall we dance tag lo res2

Here is a new project I just finished using the same techniques.  To do that I followed a process like this:

camper 1

I start with a fun background and then added my crackle stamp.


I used my trailer stamp from #CRP283 ( and created a pattern for myself by stamping onto transfer paper with ink.

trailer stamp

I transfered the outline of the pattern onto the board.


camper 5

I then blocked out the area by dry brushing the area with white paint.


camper 6

I then stamped the image with Archival Ink.

camper 4

Next I cleaned up the area around the camper by floating color around the image.

camper 3

I used washes to paint the camper.

camper 2

Shading and highlights finish it off.

trailer with shading

Added lettering some stars and dots to finish my “Happy Camper”

camper 1

I also used the same technique on the pumpkin sign to insert the leaves.

Welcome Fall Pumpkin (3)b

So, hustle out there and give this a try.  You will never look back.  If you do look back you will be laughing at all the time you wasted messing up a good crackled background and how you missed how you can combine our painting techniques with the use of stamps.










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