Summer Target Finds

Here are a group of simple projects done with our stencils and items I found in the Bullseye section in Target stores this summer.  You can easily adapt the ideas to any surface.

hello summer tray

The black chalked area was part of the board.  I added design both inside and outside of this area.

be happy

I used both a chicken wire stencil and a chicken wire mask to create the be hive look.  The board had the center bee etched in the surface to begin with.  I added the rest.  I added shading around the outside of the board.

market board

Used the new mason jar stencil and added simple flowers with a simple check border to create this fun board.  The words were etched in the board but you could stenciled words instead to get the same effect.

piggy market

The board was already dotted.  I added the pigs by repeating a stencil shape in alternate directions.  Shading and finishing with pen outlining and lettering complete the design.

cork BBQ

This type of design is easy peasy.  Lay the lettering stencil down and add checks along the edge and done deal.

Repeat these projects styles with all different themes and seasons.

Have fun!

LIVE in Laurie’s Studio – Spring Wheelbarrow

Spring is full of color and promise.  Here is the NEW Spring Wheelbarrow pattern that I taught in LIVE in Laurie’s Studio on Facebook.

I used a wheelbarrow that I found at the Dollar Spot at my local Target Store.  If the surface isn’t available, use something similar in size.  It could be a flat wood piece or metal bucket.  The only limits are set by you.

wheelbarrow photo lo res

Click here to print out the pattern and linework: Spring Wheelbarrow Pattern

Happy Easter and hope you can use this pattern for a quick gift this spring.

Have fun!


DIY Woodland Sled

Thank you to all who have been watching our Facebook Live segments on Wednesday nights.  I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.   Watch for more new things in the coming year.

Here is the Woodland Sled pattern that we did as a DIY.  If you didn’t get sleds no worries.  Just apply the lessons here to what ever surface you choose.  The trees are lots of fun and you can add them to all kinds of projects.

woodland grooved sled lo res

Click here to download and print the pattern:  Woodland Grooved Sled

Have fun!!!

New Stampendous® DECOR Stamps

12 x 12 with credit copy

WOW…you are going to love these.  This was created using one of the new DECOR Stamps from Stampendous®.  I used the DCR104 DECOR Cling Dream cling stamp and the new SSH88 DECOR Handle.

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT

The large decor stamps let you stamp large areas with ease.  They measure 8″ x 8″ and come in 5 different designs.  The new handle is 8.5″ x 8.5″ and is a must.  You will love how easy they are to use with both ink or paint.

My board uses Deco Art® Americana Acrylic Paints with the stamps.  I love using a large Martha Stewart Specialty Sponge to apply the paint to stamps.  You can quickly add the paint to to larger stamp and get a great print.  Remember to keep the paint on the raised surfaces and out of the grooves as much as possible.  Load the sponge and pouce off any excess onto a paper towel before applying the paint to the stamp.

small with credit

I did let the painted words be rustic and did not worry about it being perfect coverage.  I then spattered the back to add more of a rustic look.  It is OK that not every letter comes out perfectly.  You wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you.  You can get a perfect image by making sure you have no give to your surface and applying even pressure over the whole stamped area.

I then painted right over the top of the print design.  I did use my Basecoat Stencils ( for a quick an easy solution for the flowers.  Would you expect any less?

The other stamp I incorporated was the SSC1257 Honeycomb Wishes Perfectly Clear Stamp Set.  I love the small bees and the honeycomb pattern.  So easy to use too.

bee stamp copy

The new DECOR stamps come in 5 great designs and here is a super big TEASE…you will be seeing them in new books and patterns releasing in August!!!! AWESOME!

You will want to check out the new catalog for more projects I did for Stampendous® using the new DECOR stamps.

What great new additions to the already outstanding offerings from Stampendous®.  Thank you Fran!  These are going to be fantastic.  I sure enjoyed the chance to meet when we were Anaheim.

fran office

fran 2STM_LOGO_7.5


Golf Weekend – The Masters

This weekend I am working on designs but have a very good seat in front of my TV set because it is Masters Weekend!  To most you say this is just another golf tournament but to me this is the game that holds a very special place in my heart and in my life.  I really think that it is the true influence on what my favorite color is – green.  Foliage Green to be exact.

golf balls and tees copy

augusta course copy

I started playing golf at about age 14.  My uncle put a club in my hand but just like painting I was self-taught for the most part.  I went on to play 4 years of collegiate golf and consider my college years a wonderful experience.  We have a family joke that my sister Sandy worked her way through college and I played golf.

I approach painting a lot like golf.  It takes practice, patience and lots of creativity.  You have to be a problem solver.  Golf taught me discipline and made me very humble.  It also taught me to pick myself up, dust myself off and tee it up again.

get what you work for copy

Most of all it is a challenge and fun.  If it wasn’t, there would be no reason to do it over and over and over again.  I also have had some great opportunities for lifetime memories in both activities and have met wonderful people along the way.

palmer quote copy

seuss quote copy

For the last few years I have been teaching on Masters Weekend so this is a real treat for me.  I have been battling a knee and back problem but I bet by tomorrow I will get out my sticks and at least give them a swing to see what happens.  Wish me luck!  I want to play again and days like this make it worse.  In a good way …

If nothing else I will be painting green this weekend!  Enjoy the Masters!

Going last year was a tease. I want back in the worst way. :-)


A Little Look at My World

Here is a video that I shared with my online club last May.  Debbie Cole asked if I would share my video of my workplace and I thought I would share this one.  I think it gives a little bit more insite into what gives me inspiration.  I am obsessed with the “Disney” influence and like to share it.  You also get to see some of my workplace at the warehouse and in my home.  I know it doesn’t have as much to do about storage.  I work very simply and my office is simple also.  The photo above is next to my table in my studio at home.  Lots of Starbucks green iced tea is consumed in the creative process.

My workplace is not very often “all together” nice and neat.  There are piles of things around my workplace surrounding me.  It is a workplace that is in constant motion and constantly changing.  It’s me without a maid.

Bonus video


Check out our new books, patterns and stencils released in Vegas.



Camper Mania: You wanted it, here it is!

I have had several requests for the little camper pattern I did.  I did one pattern using my own shape in Pixelatted Palette and that is a pattern packet available on our website.

Click here to check it out.

This one was a project I did for a promo.  I used a stamp for the main image so I did not do a pattern since I couldn’t give you any artwork.  I updated  some of the info and you can do it as a FREE project.  Just add your own coloring of the camper.

Here is the project I did using some fun techniques.  I followed a process like this:

camper 1

I start with a fun background and then added my crackle stamp.  I started with a Snow White board.  The background was created with washes of Turquoise Blue, Lavender and Foliage Green.  Shade the edges with Soft Black and stamp the board using the crackle stamp out of the #ASCRS06 stamp set from Stampendous.  It is called Toxic but I can’t live without it.  I used Soft Black paint.

The stamps are available on our site:  click here to check them out


I used my trailer stamp from #CRP283 and created a pattern for myself by stamping onto transfer paper with ink.  I use Archival Ink from Ranger.

trailer stamp

I transfered the outline of the pattern onto the board.

camper 5

I then blocked out the area by dry brushing the area with Snow White paint.  You don’t have to be perfect.

camper 6

I then stamped the image with Archival Ink.

camper 4

Next I cleaned up the area around the camper by floating color around the image.  I used Soft Black.

camper 3

I used acrylic washes to paint the camper as you desire.  The ink will not run but try to stay in the lines.

camper 2

Shading and highlights finish it off.

trailer with shading

Added lettering some stars and dots to finish my “Happy Camper”

camper 1

Hope you have fun!


Our New Year has begun…


New Years is long over and done but our new year starts with our first convention of the year in Las Vegas.  It was a tiring event with nice crowds and attendance in our class.  Thanks to all who came to the booth and spent an evening painting with myself and Chris Haughey.  Lots of non-stop fun!

Class 2.PNG

The new year also brings new challenges such as doing more posts on this blog and keeping it current. I am trying to pick a day of the week and stick with it.   I have lightened my load so that I can make a total commitment to making our club and offerings up to date and on time.  I am working at finishing some extra specials for our Ultimate Adventure people.  It will be up by the end of March.  I will keep you posted.  Also working on new club patterns and getting the pins done.

New merchandise was released and the new patterns will be posted the first of the week.  Here is a start…more to come!



My New Favorite Technique

Hi Everyone!

Debbie Cole asked if we would share our favorite techniques on her Creative Innovations Facebook group.  As artists we constantly evolve in our craft.  We try new supplies, styles and techniques to try to stay current.  We all strive to bring something new to our followers.  Sometimes we try things and we are not impressed enough to try it again.  Other times we are hit with the WOW moment and you can’t wait to try it on every piece you do.  When I was doing my new book “Holiday Mix” I came across 2 of my new favorite things to do with stamps.  When you find two things at once you really get excited.

Holiday Mix_Cover (4)b copy

I have been using lots of stamps in my backgrounds and when I found out that Stampendous had a stamp that would create a crackled look, (WHHAAAT!!!!), I was all over it.  It is SKU#ASCRS06.

I used it on the pumpkins and hearts.  It was quick and easy I just basecoated and then stamped the crackle image over the background with Soft Black paint.  I use a cosmetic sponge to apply paint to my stamps.  You could use any color but I thought it made it look very realistic.  I will never crackle any other way again : )

My other fun stamp technique I worked with was to insert and an image into my background by whiting out the area first.  I then stamped over the area with the outline with ink and then added my detail/color with paints.  In the book this was done on the Halloween tag.

Shall we dance tag lo res2

Here is a new project I just finished using the same techniques.  To do that I followed a process like this:

camper 1

I start with a fun background and then added my crackle stamp.


I used my trailer stamp from #CRP283 ( and created a pattern for myself by stamping onto transfer paper with ink.

trailer stamp

I transfered the outline of the pattern onto the board.


camper 5

I then blocked out the area by dry brushing the area with white paint.


camper 6

I then stamped the image with Archival Ink.

camper 4

Next I cleaned up the area around the camper by floating color around the image.

camper 3

I used washes to paint the camper.

camper 2

Shading and highlights finish it off.

trailer with shading

Added lettering some stars and dots to finish my “Happy Camper”

camper 1

I also used the same technique on the pumpkin sign to insert the leaves.

Welcome Fall Pumpkin (3)b

So, hustle out there and give this a try.  You will never look back.  If you do look back you will be laughing at all the time you wasted messing up a good crackled background and how you missed how you can combine our painting techniques with the use of stamps.










Happy Easter

easter greetings jan 2015 b copy

Just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone.  If you are following our adventure, today would be a great day to do some brainstorming on new projects or endeavors.  I have several pressing things on my schedule this coming week.  Plus, we are preparing for our spring Creative U that we hold here in Des Moines.

I have member patterns on my table for both the regular pattern club and for the next online adventure.  I am also working on the next set of stencils.

Hope you all took a little time to spend with family and friends this weekend.  Painting can comence again tomorrow.